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If you have read this and would like an appointment or would like to talk to me further before making an appointment, please feel free to call me at 918-254-1023 in Broken Arrow, OK. If you leave a message I will call you back.

When you come to me for a session I expect to be able to identify and eliminate at least one imprinted, irrational belief. This usually takes an hour to an hour-and-a-half.  The charge for the first hour, or less, is $100, but then each minute after that first hour is just $1.  I don’t diagnose by the DSM so insurance will not cover the cost.



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Thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Ted Lowe. 
I have a very unique approach to treating all psycho-somatic illnesses.  By “psycho-somatic” I mean that the source of behavioral, or even physical, symptoms is unresolved emotional issues, or conflicts.  I have been applying this method since 1991, currently in the city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  I have taken the time to create this website because what I am able to do is extremely unique and surprisingly effective.  Some of us know that events or circumstances in our lives deeply affected us when they occurred but being aware of this connection does not necessarily mean that we eliminate it’s influence on our thoughts or behavior.  I believe that our main obstacle to happiness is the beliefs we form during those traumatic moments. Reading my suggested readings will explain these theories in more detail.



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By the way, the workings of this website were created with the energy, patience, knowledge, and intelligence of my very good friend, Frank Bizzell. If you have even thought about creating your own website regarding any subject I highly recommend that you at least contact Frank at 214-528-9661 or email him at



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